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When suddenly...SURPRISE CUCUMBER!




Sep 3, 2015
11:39 am
Sep 3, 2015
5:32 am
Aug 30, 2015
5:01 pm
Aug 29, 2015
3:48 pm
Aug 29, 2015
12:45 pm
It's taken ages, but finally I have finished something! 

That leaves...*looks at list* another six Lizardman pieces I have to do, but the good news is there's no way in hell they'd be one after the other, or my enthusiasm would run out of steam faster than spiderman in the country side.

Spidey-Fail by The-Build

Moving on...

So with the later part edging towards the detail heavy side of things, I thought I'd take a step back and ease off for the later part and so we begin with the sail.

Key points here were to do as much as possible in one sitting, trying to hide joins/lines  would be really hard as the sail is rather thin, so hiding lines would only add bulk to it.
  • Sculpted the top side first (in one sitting), by adding green stuff bit by bit (between the lines of wire) and pushing it from the centre towards the opposite ends (so the thinnest part is in the middle of the spines).
  • The second evening I repeated the process on the opposite side and after letting it become a little harder (so it's more gummy and less sticky), I pulled the tips up and away slightly with my fingers. This did not leave finger prints because the putty had become less pliable.

 Sail-finished by The-Build

Round about this time, as well as towards the end of the project, I started adding in frills here and there, but did my best to not get too carried away. A few simple frills around the legs, chest and flank, something that would have function (remember the giant Salamander from the last tut), by catching water mid stroke to help propel it forward through the water.

It's also about this time I came on to revisiting some old friends, scales....

F1a9d40a141691546848024535 700wa 0 by The-Build

The less said about these the better (and not without repeating myself).

Aut 2140 by The-BuildAut 2144 by The-Build

I also re-worked the feet, adding in scales, smartening up the webbing between them and adding some thicker/rougher texture to the shins.

Aut 2142 by The-BuildAut 2143 by The-Build

Much of it from here is mainly just making sure I go over the model, hiding lines and joins, cutting away excess/blurred areas and making doubley sure I didn't miss anything out.

Salamander finished. by The-Build

Tutorial time! What would you like to see next (stegadon is on hold as it's going to be VERY long) 

3 deviants said More anatomy: muscles with posing.
3 deviants said Sculpting advancement: How to improve/how you can improve.
2 deviants said More anatomy: Where do I start?
2 deviants said More anatomy: Muscles, how they work.
1 deviant said More anatomy: Bony landmarks.
No deviants said Something else: Comment.


I see what you did thar....
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Great work, and thanks for faving ;)!
Mon May 11, 2015, 11:56 PM
Sweet pie....:drool:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:17 PM
Aw it's so small. There's no love here. Well here's some: :heart: :cookie: :pie: :flowerpot:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:15 PM
OH HAI! :meow:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:10 PM

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