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Nov 24, 2015
10:05 pm
Nov 23, 2015
12:13 pm
Nov 22, 2015
8:13 am
Nov 20, 2015
8:25 am
Nov 18, 2015
8:36 pm
I've been thinking loads recently (far more than I normally do) and I've come to something of a difficult conclusion.

I'm going to stop the mini adventure series.

Although it would be nice to keep them all going, I have to admit they always take far longer than I'd like, in writing, planning and making. They considerably slow me down, they add weight to everything I try to do and so I can never simply "do", but just get stuck instead. Add into the mix, a vaguely busy week and my ADHD addled brain does back flips. Especially after weeks like this one, trying to do anything simple or automatic feels like swimming uphill in treacle.

So without trying to prattle on, I'll simply sum things up.
I'm drawing the mini sculpting series of tuts to a close, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but from a practical perspective, it's not a good idea.
Don't despair, you don't need tuts, or someone to hold your hand as you find your feet, you can make it, you will make, just like others have already done before you. 

All the best. :thanks:

Tutorial time! What would you like to see next (stegadon is on hold as it's going to be VERY long) 

3 deviants said More anatomy: Where do I start?
3 deviants said More anatomy: muscles with posing.
3 deviants said Sculpting advancement: How to improve/how you can improve.
2 deviants said More anatomy: Muscles, how they work.
1 deviant said More anatomy: Bony landmarks.
No deviants said Something else: Comment.


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A tinkerer of all things great and small, in a nut shell I'm eccentric, caffeine addicted, introverted, perverted, insane and utterly loveable.

I'm also incredibly modest. <:

Kind of like a ferret on speed.


Great work, and thanks for faving ;)!
Mon May 11, 2015, 11:56 PM
Sweet pie....:drool:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:17 PM
Aw it's so small. There's no love here. Well here's some: :heart: :cookie: :pie: :flowerpot:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:15 PM
OH HAI! :meow:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:10 PM

Sculpture stuff.

Tutorials and sculpture projects/lessons

I've also got an ever growing list of sculpture tutorials and articles going, you can find the contents and various sections in the Journal below.

:bulletblue: Mini Adventures contents page



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My feet aren't too bad today, which I'm surprised by.
I also had more trouble walking on flat surfaces than I did on cobbles, but still walk too quickly for heels apparently. :c
I found the only way to walk in them effectively was to mince. ._.

Also, I felt so under-dressed compared to some of the others, so much so I was shocked to see the lady with the beige patent 4 inch stilettos and silky stockings on my right had one hell of an impressive beard (his wife picked the entire outfit for him and he glided a little too easily for a second timer). The guy behind me had shocking green stockings and I called him a tramp (irritable at that point from my toes being turned into pulp).
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