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Thought I'd fill this quiet period with something a little different and hopefully a bit more informative and with less waffle as this Stegadon beasty is proving more challenging/time consuming than I thought it would.

So here is the starter, an armature stage with plenty of green stuff and wire, at this stage finger prints and tools do not matter, push and pull to your heart's content.

After that is dried, I lay down a second layer of Green stuff to thicken things up a little and  after it dries, I make a few cuts and remove lumpy edges and thicken the ball part.
- I then start laying down a detail layer and making small cuts, it's important to not it's best doing it bit by bit, don't go too mad or lay down too much.

I then add some tiny pock marks like you'd get on the moon, it's just an additional, something worth playing with, rather than just sticking to, or doing out of necessity.
- I work on the tail, this time I work more on keeping flame like details to a minimum, the speed means you'd get very little flaring.

And finally (because of Sigmar, two tailed comets and all the End Times spoilers) I've added in a second tail. It's worth noting that it's not really 100% finished, but I wanted to get some photos up and tweak a few bits and pieces today before finishing it for good later on.
- Mainly things like smoothing off edges, adding a touch more detail, things of that nature.

CometFINISHED by The-Build

I've also had a go at a few other markers too and for the sake of simplicity (read: my sanity), I've simply bullet pointed what I did below.

Drop Rocks marker (not a good day to be a skaven).
  • Make balls of apoxy sculpt and let them dry.
  • Cut/sand the back off a skaven or other suitable "to be squashed" mini.
  • Cut chunks in rocks to create edges.
  • Drill them out.
  • Pin them.
  • Place them on top of dead skaven.
  • Green stuff in some clothes of squashed body parts.
DropRocksFINISHED by The-Build

Carnosaur Nest
  • Pin bits of wire (armature for taller rocks spikes)
  • Make blobs of green stuff + stick green stuff to wire and let dry.
  • Cut small shavings off dried green stuff to make rocks.
  • Apply thin layer of green stuff to make grass/foliage (and shape it).
  • Make leaf bedding, loads of pushing and pulling action to curl leaves.
  • Make nest and ensure twigs texture curves round in a pattern.
  • Make individual eggs.
CARNO-Eggs by The-Build

Carnivorous plant.
  • Add blobs of green stuff to make shape and structure.
  • Make thick leaves, allow to harden slightly so they don't flop inwards.
  • Make tendrils on base and leaves.
  • Make longer tendrils, shape them after it's hardened a bit, but not completely so (you still want to be able to stick them to the plant.
  • Thicken the three leaves on the top.
  • Make inside of plant (apply texture).
  • Add tongue.
  • Make outside of three top leaves and texture them.
  • Add little spikes + additional base leaves.
PlantFINISHED by The-Build

I should really cut back some of the softer edges on these to make them look rough.
  • Make rough steps/overlaps (you can be rough in this stage)
  • Trim back edges with scalpel to give a rough effect and make the tops flat.
  • Add thin layer over the top and do one plate at a time for detail (better working for the bottom to the top) - I admit I was running dry on inspiration for this.
  • Cut back and roughen edges (something I've not done in this photo)

Ruins by The-Build

Conversion tutorials! Which one? (Photos of each in first comment below) 

6 deviants said Piccy 1
6 deviants said Piccy 3
5 deviants said Piccy 2


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Great work, and thanks for faving ;)!
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Sweet pie....:drool:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:17 PM
Aw it's so small. There's no love here. Well here's some: :heart: :cookie: :pie: :flowerpot:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:15 PM
OH HAI! :meow:
Thu Jan 8, 2015, 3:10 PM

Sculpture stuff.

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I've also got an ever growing list of sculpture tutorials and articles going, you can find the contents and various sections in the Journal below.

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